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Due to COVID, millions of students are struggling online and education is changed forever. We created Class for Zoom to help.

Michael Chasen, Co-founder & CEO

Watch the Class for Zoom demo.

Watch as our co-founder and CEO, Michael Chasen, takes you on a guided tour of Class for Zoom, the software making the virtual classroom feel like a real classroom.

The challenges of a virtual classroom

Everything you can do in a physical classroom, you can do with…

Class for Zoom

A user interface designed for the classroom

  • Teachers don’t get lost in the grid view and have a dedicated Podium space.
  • TA’s and presenters can be moved to the front of the class.
  • Teachers can easily see all students and class data at one time.

Teaching and Learning Tools

  • Class for Zoom has a dynamic set of teaching tools built to be deployed and used during class.
  • Teachers can handout assignments in real-time for students to complete and submit.

Assessments, Quizzes, Tests

  • Easily launch live assignments, quizzes, and tests.
  • Student results are automatically entered in the online gradebook.

Class Management Tools

  • Class for Zoom provides tools to help run and manage the class such as Class Roster, Attendance, and more.
  • With the Gradebook, teachers can review and grade tests and quizzes in real-time.

One-on-One Discussions

  • Teachers and teacher assistants can talk with students privately without leaving the Zoom environment.

Seating Chart

  • Zoom provides only two views, Speaker View and Gallery View. Class for Zoom adds Alphabetical View, to easily find students on the screen, and Hands Raised View to see students in the order they’ve raised their hands.
  • Even more additional view options make it easier for teachers to run and manage their class.

And more...


Automatically compare class roster to present students to quickly take attendance.

ID Verification

A TA or Teacher can verify that a student is who they say they are to prevent Zoom-bombing.

Proctored Assignments & Exams

Students are shown side by side with a full view of their monitor.

Participation Tracking

All participants can be listed in order of their class participation level (amount of time the student talks in class).

Lose Focus Tracking

Re-engage students that do not have the Class for Zoom application as their primary (in-focus) application on the screen.

Virtual Desk View

See students in a Bitmoji style classroom with a graphical seating chart.


Teachers can easily review grades and submit feedback for students.

Class Dashboard

Track all attendance, interaction, participation, and more by class across time.

Support for Hybrid Class

A camera can be dedicated to the room so students at home can more easily see what is taking place in the classroom.

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